16. Middle Class Morning Thoughts

Five weeks abroad. Thessaloniki (Greece), Plovdiv & Kazanlak (Bulgaria), Moscow, Saint-Petersburg (Russia), Kramatorsk (Ukraine).

Today I’ve decided to continue my blog in English. Sorry in advance for all my mistakes, and for all the non-English-readers among you, dear followers. I invite you to copy-paste these words in Google Translate, which is not so bad…

Being out of France opens my mind, day after day. Writing in English is an effort, but it’s my way to tell universe that I truly want to develop my projects and my future out of French borders. I’ve lived inside for 35 years, I know quite well the country, his people, the way that things are built, ruled, and how pleasant and sweet it can be to live in France. But one can’t eat the same bread all its life, now’s the time to fly away !

I wish the 35 next to be lived abroad to continue this mind-opening, to get rid of my materialistic old skin, to meet friends and family I have around the world that I don’t know yet !

I’ve just finished a good Netflix série “The Good Place”, advised by my friend Marine. Basically, it’s about how our everyday actions can make us better persons (or not). And it shows how even good actions can have bad consequences… For example, I’m writing those lines in a plane that destroys the planet 🌎 But in sharing my positive thoughts collected here and there, trying to find connections and solutions, am I not trying to make a better world ? I pretend to be a minimalist, but I still have a lot of work : my luggage was more than 10kgs and sent in the trunk…!

In Kramatorsk, my dear Elena and me visited a lady called Dina. Massagist with very powerful fingers… I have blue marks all over my body 🤪 She told me stunning things, about my family roots, my chakras, my past life and my future. It seems that I’m exactly on the first days of a new chapter that could be flourishing… only if I know how to manage, take care of my body and focus only on music… thank you for good advices !

Stop losing time !

Since then, I think a lot… I called it “middle class morning thoughts”…

It’s crazy how polluted I am, me Armel Dupas, French artist “intermittent”, being part of a rich ghetto where drugs are social medias, uniformity of cultures, desires. Everywhere the same electro shit music, the same snickers, jeans, smartphones, the same vulgar videoclips, bark…. During my first week in Moscow, I switched off my telephone as much as I could, and understood how intoxicated I am. To be offline brought me so many cool ideas, just in looking real people’s life, here, close to me, not in stupid stories… But how to sustain this digital hygiene ? How to develop HomePianoLive without social media ?! Even you who are reading this, you came here through it…

Then I thought to this Spielberg’s movie where the hero wins the competition in driving backwards. So, when everything is bullshit instant image, I decided to come back to good old recipes : to write to all of you, personally !

I first wrote this : “Hello, thank you for following my page. Nowadays, I’m using Instagram and Facebook not like a mass media but only to have a real link with people who want to help me to promote my house-concerts project “HomePianoLive” and my music around the world. If you’re interested in this idea, please send me the city you’re living in, so I can contact you personally when something happens close to you. If you’re not interested, no problem, you can unfollow me ! Best regards, Armel”

A polite way to say : You don’t have more than 8 seconds to look at my post ? Ok, unfollow me ! You follow me just to be followed back ? You’ll never listen to my music, come to any of my concerts or help me to organize a HomePianoLive ?

So better unfollow me, because I’m not an artist for masses. I want a real personal connexion with you, my friend. You have a lot to teach me and I consider this as much important as the music I play for you. At the same time when my Spotify number of fans is increasing of 6898%, my followers are less and less.

Only lovers left alive….

It may sound naive, but how is it possible in 2019 to live on such unbalanced world ?! How did I end up being so stupid and inconsequent ?

I come from a country where everyone (including me !!) is so “blasé” (with the feeling of having seen everything). Last year, at same period, I was typing “professional reconversion” in Google. I thought my music was kind of useless, that emotion or sweetness were old fashioned values…

Last week’s chocks come from traveling and meeting you, my new friends (and followers..😉) :

I’ve played acoustic piano for people who have NEVER been to any live music performance in their life. They seem truly chocked. Most of them cry during the concert and they are so thankful for these tears that I start understanding the real power of my playing. Opening souls, relieving old pains, connecting people together. Of course, in France I have a small audience that understands my music and feels the same but I really want more ! I want to meet people who NEED music, not only enjoy !

Are these people visiting concerts? No.

So, how to reach them and be happy ?

If anyone has ideas, you’re more than welcome to comment and bring me to the next level. 😘